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Wiki Launches B… Launches Bitcoin Faucet Surfer

PHILIPPINES (Saturday, May 10, 2014) - - An Unlimited Web Hosting Company, today launches their newest product to hit the bitcoin world enabling faucet owners and bitcoin consumers to increase their bitcoin earning power.

The new free ware windows (tm) program auto-surfs 218 and still growing faucet websites around the world by using it's own internal browser to surf two faucet web sites at a time every thirty (30) seconds.

"I've only included the best top-paying faucet web sites around the world across the board that rewards free bitcoin just for visiting their web sites. I thought I could share this to the world so it would be easier for everyone to earn bitcoins at their own leisure time. I made sure that what I see on my computer is what they can see as well. It has greatly increased my deposit transactions per day using this freeware. I know others can benefit from it as well, hence I call it the free ware that can earn you more bitcoins the lazy automated way. I want to assure everyone as well that I am with you every step of the way by means of forum, chat (coming soon), customer trouble ticket and help desks once you start to use the software on a daily basis.", said Owner, Admin, Founder and CEO William R. Nabaza.

Although other online faucet surfer provides these current capabilities but are only limited to one faucet network, this freeware significantly provides more because it only rests on your computer hard disk not dependent on any other server or web hosting company, not to mention it has a growing number of faucet web sites and does include a wide variety of faucet rotators and faucet networks around the world.

From beginner to advanced bitcoin user, faucet surfer and bitcoin consumers can take advantage of the speed and portability that this freeware can offer. Since this freeware is being used by the programmer himself, dried up faucets and new faucets are being frequently removed and updated into the software respectively. It has it's own updater system to update the software every time a user exits the application.

For more information, please visit Filename: bitcoin-faucet-surfer.exe or choose convenient download site to download and use the application

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