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Bitcoin Faucet Surfer by Willi…

Bitcoin Faucet Surfer by William Nabaza of and

Bitcoin Faucet Surfer by: William Nabaza of and
Bitcoin Faucet Surfer - 1 Program - 200+ Faucet by: William R. Nabaza of, Prepare your bitcoin address to put in the box provided that you can do for 30 seconds or less and wait for another faucet to open up. If you are done on each faucet close the tab so you will not run out of memory. Do this everyday so you are sure you will earn bitcoin. If you want a customized program like this you need to donate to me via bitcoin. Email me at Every week I'll be adding lots of bitcoin faucets to it, easily upgrade by downloading the latest version. filename: bitcoin-faucet-surfer.exe not bitc0in-faucet-surfer.exe

Updates and News:

7:02 PM 5/7/2014
- Total of 218 bitcoin faucet websites
- Added Open1 and Open2 buttons to open up problematic faucets on firefox(tm) so no more excuses not to accomplish faucet websites incompatible with the internal browser.
- Changed the color of progress bar to blue for smooth continuous bar as differentiated from segmented progress bar, just the cosmetics
- Added the buttons legend/explanation on "How To use?" menu

8:03 PM 5/5/2014
- Total of 216 bitcoin faucet websites
- Modified Bitcoin Exchange Rate menu, shows current exchange rate by the minute and shows 2 sources: official and the other third-party for comparison
- Added T,S,P,A,H buttons on top center for Transparency, Turn off Transparency, Pause, Toggle AlwaysOntop or not, and Hide window commands respectively
- Added functionality to auto-update the software

9:09 AM 4/26/2014:
- Total of 214 bitcoin faucet websites
- Added a progress bar so you can know when the program is fully-loaded and ready
- Added a third youtube video tutorial on "how to use?" menu
- Added OnTop menu, so you can toggle switch AlwaysOnTop or not, with Windows + t as keyboard shortcut
- Added "Show Window" menu to show window or Windows + s as keyboard shortcut, by default it's shown
- Added "Hide Window" menu to hide the window or Windows + h as keyboard shortcut
- Added these shortcut keys on "How to use?" menu
- Attempting to make it both autosurf and manual surfing for faucet websites, pls bear with me and notice the submenu
- Categorizing and putting easy link on faucets that have already paid me.

10:57 PM 4/17/2014
- Total of 210 bitcoin faucet websites
- Returned the time of 30 seconds per 2 faucets since you can pause it any time during surfing
- Added 2 banners on top just below the buttons
- One can now accurately refresh/reload the internal browser just in case the website needed refreshing

9:41 AM 4/17/2014
- Total of 206 bitcoin faucet websites
- Added working Previous and Refresh buttons to surf back and refresh faucets

9:01 PM 4/14/2014
- Added Bitcoin Faucet Surfer Progress bar as part of the internal browser
- Turned the internal browser into horizontal browsing
- Now accepting advertisers on the internal browser itself
- Total of 204 bitcoin faucet websites

9:05 AM 4/13/2014
- Modified Pause/Unpause menu to Pause/Continue
- Added Windows + p to Pause and Continue if 60 seconds is still fast
- Added Bitcoin Faucet Surfer Progress bar to encourage you to finish what you've started
- Total of 192 bitcoin faucet websites

7:44 AM 4/12/2014
- created internal browser for surfing 2 faucets every 60 seconds
- added the menu "8 Top Paying Faucets" (these are the faucets that paid me so far)
- Majority of faucet have their bitcoin address field already filled up for you automatically, giving you more time to complete captcha
- You may still request the old version with no internal browser via email, 1 faucet for every 30 seconds, but I already stopped developing it to focus my attention on this new version.
- With an internal browser built-in, you can now autosurf 2 faucet websites per 60 seconds, but it has changed it's file size from 198 kb to 205 kb, I think a small price to pay.
- Total of 156 bitcoin faucet websites

8:43 AM 4/6/2014
- removed dried faucet
- implemented Shortcut keys:
Press Windows + b = to paste Bitcoin Address
Press Windows + r = to Restart
Press Windows + x = to Exit
- added video tutorial on How to use
- Total of 145 bitcoin faucet websites

10:38 AM 3/30/2014
- Total of 139 bitcoin faucet websites, removed the "dried" faucets and replace with new ones
- Added the ability to see today's bitcoin exchange rate

5:48 AM 3/29/2014
- Total of 129 bitcoin faucet websites
- Added another website to check and verify your earnings
- Added the icon, no longer will it have problems with the icon
- Added a check mark whenever it's paused, and removed the checkmark when it's not paused.

8:23 AM 3/25/2014
- Added new stats/earnings checker
- Added new groups of 25 new bitcoins
- removed non-functional faucets
- total no. of bitcoin faucets: 126

9:32 AM 3/21/2014
- Added 45 more faucet websites
- cleaned the logo a little bit
- Rearranged the order of faucets from top payers first
- Updated other existing faucet websites
- Removed "dead" faucet websites

8:43 AM 3/19/2014:
- Added 7 more faucet websites
- type once the bitcoin address and the long bitcoin address can be save on your computer
- automatic paste of bitcoin address on fields provided by pressing Windows key + b
- if you want to change your bitcoin address, click on "Change my Bitcoin Address" on the menu and paste the new bitcoin address

8:17 PM 3/18/2014:
- Added Get my own bitcoin address
- Added My earnings to check, compare and verify bitcoin earnings
- Added Pause/Unpause command to pause the 30 second surfing timer
- Added "Download latest version" to download official latest version