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BeerMoneyForumSucks or BeerMon…

BeerMoneyForumSucks or Sucks Parody

I have come across a forum and worked on it like crazy and it earned me like U.S.$100 in eight months. Who could ever thought I was ever profitable but I wasted my time talking with a useless forum administrator and owner by the name of Ian C. Daniel a.k.a. @Mr. B. Here's my eight months recollection of what I did foolish in this forum. I entitled this BeerMoneyForumSucks.

  1. You can post alright but make sure it's in the paid section if not you have wasted your time posting with no payment at all, this is a paid to post forum alright but you can't edit what you posted even on a thread or a post.

  2. They promised to deliver legit websites and those with official tag even if it carries scammer and scam websites you can't edit and you can't tag it as scam for the simple reason that this is a paid thread and those who posted on it are paid to do it and paid to patronize the thread itself.

  3. Another thing is this above the law and above the rules thingy is that you can tag the advertisers as scam. You can advertise the thread for U.S.$49 very high price for only a month and it will bring you nothing, not even a free signup.

  4. The forum lives on adsense and yet the forum owner uses bmf points, the forum's official currency to incentivize or pay people to click on their adsense. The forum owner pays people to click, subscribe, like, comment and say beautiful things about his youtube videos. Another is the forum owner pays people to click, signup, download, watch youtube videos and with youtube videos around the forum owner gathered a subscriber of 1,000 people just because of this technique paying people to like, comment, watch and subscribe to their youtube channel in exchange of bmf points like 5 cents and you do it all activities on youtube and make sure it's permanent. The said forum is an get paid to forum but with adsense and youtube videos on it.

  5. The said forum review url shorteners and yet pays to click on them via bmf points.

  6. The said forum reviews websites and yet feature websites like gambling, sex, hyip and even malware downloads.

  7. The romanian admin Ian C. Daniel can't communicate in English that well, it's better to converse with Google translator, and he's not polite at all, speaks trash in all of his words in using English.

  8. The said romanian admin and owner don't respect any of it's members because they can people to do things around inside the forum and outside of the forum.

  9. Now the said forum is running a referral contest, guess what, all of the members are like dummies paying attention to this romanian bully and referring people by the bucket in exchange for cents.

  10. The romanian owner claims that he has already earned a lot of bitcoins but can't even pay U.S.$5.00 to it's members.

  11. If I were you, I would not even think of joining this BeerMoneyForumSucks.

  12. Powered by the 3 BeerMoneyForumSucks, beermoneyforum sucks, and beermoneyforumdotcom sucks.

  13. This is a parody blog no one can't really understand but be sure with the domain name, and get a clue of what it's really about. Stay tune for more of this parody blog.